Artificial grass for balcony

There are many ways to decorate your balcony. Some people prefer to grow ornamental plants, but this takes time, special skills, and constant attention. A much simpler solution is to have artificial grass on your balcony. This surface is beautiful and pleasant to the touch. This solution allows you to quickly cover damaged or unaesthetic tiles, providing comfort and coziness during your outdoor holidays. The advantages and disadvantages, the subtleties of choosing and laying an artificial lawn on a balcony are described below.

Artificial grass is a practical idea for your balcony.

Few people think about buying artificial grass for an apartment, and this is undoubtedly an extremely creative solution, so why not create a mini garden on your balcony? Artificial grass is the ideal solution in all places where you cannot create a natural lawn. It is used in arid and very humid areas and also where real gardens will be destroyed by heavy traffic. It can be used to cover playgrounds, mini-rings, and communication routes. This covering also works on the terrace and balcony.

Artificial grass on your balcony is a solution that has many advantages. Of course, it is best to choose good quality grass that will last a long time and also effectively dissipate moisture. High-quality artificial grass is becoming more and more popular because it looks like real plants, both in terms of appearance and at the touch, creating the illusion of real flora.

Also, maintaining a beautiful appearance requires very little attention. There is no need to mow, fertilize, or water like a natural lawn. It does not change its color and does not wither under the influence of hot weather and allows you to add a touch of natural greenery in our home all year round.

Advantages of artificial grass on your balcony

High-quality artificial grass on the balcony will look like a natural lawn.

It does not require complicated care as a natural separation. It does not need watering or fertilizing.

It is weatherproof, drought-resistant, resistant to high temperatures, or intense UV radiation.

Regardless of the weather, the artificial grass cover keeps its perfect appearance and bright color. It can be used throughout the year.

Artificial grass on the balcony is easy to keep clean. From time to time, it is enough to rinse with water or vacuum.

It can be used to cover old and unaesthetic tiles. It is a quick and straightforward way to improve the aesthetics of your balcony and loggia.

Well drains water well, dries quickly after rain, no dirt or puddles are formed on the surface.

It is suitable for children and provides excellent protection against falls from low altitudes.

Its laying is simple and does not take much time. If necessary, the grass carpet can be rolled up and turned again.

Thanks to a wide range of products, you can find the right grass to match the length and color.

Shortcomings with artificial grass on the balcony

It should not be concealed that artificial grass on the balcony, however, is not natural and does not have the properties inherent in natural green areas, including it does not improve the microclimate and does not emit oxygen. If your balcony is located in a sunny place, an artificial grass carpet can get very hot in hot weather.

An artificial lawn of poor quality will wear out more quickly in places of intensive use. Various impurities may stick to the surface of artificial grass and spoil its appearance. In such cases, it is best to vacuum clean the surface.

Different points in choosing an artificial lawn for your balcony

Artificial grass is made of synthetic materials; it can be found in specialized stores, including online. The product consists of a flexible and robust base, in which fibers imitating natural lawns are integrated. Fibers can be of different lengths and colors. An important parameter is the softness of artificial grass, which depends on the thickness of the wool and the weight of the bristles. Grass with straight, long, and thick fleece resembles natural plants and is pleasant to the touch.

Artificial grass on the balcony can be in different colors – the range of manufacturers has many shades of green. You can also find synthetic lawns in white, blue, black, yellow, or red.

When buying artificial grass on your balcony, you should first check whether the surface will absorb water well and dry quickly after rain. You can also order additional services, such as trimming the lawn to the right size and optimal height.

There is also artificial grass from pellets on the market, which is obtained through the recycling of waste such as tires. Such a surface meets high-quality requirements; at the same time, it is an ecological solution and helps to protect the natural environment.

Laying artificial grass on a balcony

One of the most significant advantages of artificial grass is an easy installation. Laying such a surface is very easy, and you can do all the work yourself. Putting a small balcony surface with the synthetic lawn is not difficult; it is enough to decorate the edges of the product with slats or press them with heavy objects such as flower pots. For large areas, precision and special rules must be followed to ensure that the artificial lawn will remain durable.

Start by preparing the substrate. Artificial grass on a balcony will require proper preparation of the substrate, which must be flat, dry, and clean. Remove any dirt from the tiles, remove any irregularities by applying a leveling layer, and fill in any cracks. An artificial lawn for balcony installation does not usually require filling with rubber granules or sand.

There is a protective strap on the sides of the balcony to be cut with a sharp knife. The grass carpet should be laid out on the terrace and pre-cut so that all elements match. When using individual aspects, remember that the direction of the grass should be the same. This will ensure a uniform color across the entire surface.

The rows of artificial grass must be connected using a suitable connecting tape. The carefully mixed adhesive is applied to the tape. The two-component polyurethane adhesive will work best because it retains its properties even at high temperatures. The glued strips of grass must be pressed with a load and held for half an hour. Make sure that the substrate surface does not come into contact with the adhesive.

When all the elements are combined, cut the perimeter coating so that it fits perfectly into the balcony, if there is a risk of the fabric twisting, glue the grass to the substrate or press with heavy objects.

Artificial grass on the balcony will look spectacular, provided that we choose the right quality product and then lay the surface correctly. Thanks to a synthetic lawn, the gallery will look more aesthetically pleasing. Comfort from use will also increase because artificial grass is much more pleasant and warmer to the touch than tiles.


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