A copper mixer will look great in a vintage or loft-style apartment.Besides its visual appeal, copper has many advantages over conventional steel. After all, it is from a steel pipe that the bulk of faucets are made.
Copper taps, as well as brass taps, will last longer than usual and will not be able to spoil the water with rust. Since they do not need any additional protection, they will not be affected by chrome or paint even after ten years.

Most often they are made in a retro design so that you will need a copper sink mixer made of ceramics. The dull noble shine of copper inspires respect at first sight. To install copper faucets in an apartment will have to spend money, but the interior will not only look much richer but also more pleasant at home.

Copper faucets in the kitchen
The copper faucet in the kitchen will look great against the tiled apron. It would be best if it were classical ceramics of one tone, or laid out in chess order. You’ll have to look for a sink for a copper mixer in the kitchen. It’s best if it’s ceramic or artificial stone. In some cases, a glass bowl may also work. Copper, enamelled cast-iron or brass sinks are worth looking for.

In this case, an oak or beech worktop would be more suitable. A custom-made worktop made of artificial stone may still fit, but chipboard is contraindicated in this case.
A copper kitchen mixer sets the tone for other interior elements and promotes original design solutions. For example, the rails in such kitchens will no longer shine with chrome, and the handles of the stove will not either. Most of the kitchen headsets will resemble the style of provence and abound in copper fittings. A cooker hood in this kitchen can be assembled from sheet copper.

Luminaires decorated under copper and placed in series of three on copper rails will add light in the right places and noble metal in the interior. Only a loft-style electric cooker with a touch panel will be able to “get along” with a copper crane. If the design is chosen in a retro theme, the copper liner for the faucet can be made external, that is, the pipes will not hide, as is customary in the “flexible” wiring, and vice versa – will be in plain view. At the same time, they can perform the function of kitchen rails, and the hot pipe can even dry kitchen towels.

Copper faucets in the bathroom
Copper bathroom faucets also impose their noble breed on the entire bathroom interior. For the copper faucet to look organic, it must be surrounded by other copper objects as much as possible. This can be a copper mirror frame, a copper or bronze soap dish, a make-up shelf, a sink, pipes and door handles.

A copper tube-assembled overhead shower can also complement the mixer with copper tubes. Despite the relative cost of copper faucets and copper water pipes, this design, which also requires a copper shower head, may come out cheaper than buying a ready-made overhead shower, even in steel. However, you can also make the hand shower yourself. When decorating in loft style, both the frame for the mirror and the shelves with hangers can be made of the copper pipe, which is used for copper connection. This also applies to the bar, which should hang the curtain in the bathroom.
Copper-coloured faucets
Due to their high cost, copper faucets may not be affordable for everyone who wants to decorate the interior in retro style. In this case, you can buy brass bronze faucets. In terms of functionality, they do not differ much from copper, and the price of brass is lower. The only problem may arise over time, when in the process of operation, in some places a thin layer that covered the copper faucet will be wiped off, and the brass will appear. This problem can easily be solved by replacing the valve handles if necessary, and in some cases, such abrasions can add a peculiar charm to the interior.
Copper pipe
What you can’t save on is the copper water inlet of the mixer. Metal plastic or flexible eyeliner will be striking in the worst sense of the word. Even painting “under copper”, ordered from the best experts, will not save the design of the bathroom. Either you have to hide the eyeliner in every possible way, or you have to pay for the copper tubes. The best solution is the second. Copper eyeliner can provide a self-supporting design, allowing you not to tie the mixer to a wall or sink.

It is rigid, inaccessible to metal plastics, and with proper soldering quality, incomparable tightness. In addition, the seeming cheapness of the metal-plastic and flexible inlet is partly offset by expensive brass adapters, faucets and, when installed independently, specialized tools. Saw the tube could be and a hacksaw on the metal, but the adjustment of the diameter and quality sealing will require crimping, expanders and other “scary” things that after the installation will be useless.
To assemble a rigid, airtight and durable construction, almost any shape of copper tubes, the manual metal hacksaw will add only a soldering lamp, and a regular lighter or soldering iron can replace that.
This fact may lead to thoughts on the use of copper tubes and in the design of an apartment outside the kitchen and bathroom. In a loft-style renovated apartment, copper switches will perfectly complement the outdoor wiring with copper tubing cable ducts. Also, they can be used to produce original lighting fixtures, photo frames and many other items.
Small handicrafts can be easily soldered with a jet fighter or a conventional soldering iron. At the same time, larger units can be solder above the gas stove, allowing maximum control of heating in the right places. Recently, there have been options for installing copper water pipes without soldering at all, and they are actively gaining popularity.

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